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Firstly congratulations!


You have set your wedding date, hopefully you will have chosen and booked your dream venue, maybe even have chosen your dress! if so, an even more exciting time begins! it's time to think about the finer detailing, the flowers, the  decor, and the tiny deets!! make sure they are all at the top of your list! after all,  your wedding flowers and decor make a huge impact on your wedding day,  they will bring joy, style, and romance, they will even leave an impression on your guests and they'll leave your special day a gasp with WOW... I don't like to call my self a one stop shop, because I'm not, I am a specialist florist with 35 plus years of experience creating designs for all styles!! if you don't like the thought of sourcing or bringing in different businesses to style your wedding, that's where our props and additions come into play should you wish, we have a huge selection, an ever growing selection of finishing touches, in fact an ever growing list of contacts for those important items such as stationary to creative artwork that should be left to the specialist, personal services and much more!! We create your day around what is important to you and as best as we can, what works for your budget...



Lets Plan!

To begin please get in touch by phone or email, I really don't mind,  just to make sure I have your date available. If so I will send you a heap of info to give you an idea of what things are likely to cost.  Included will be a wedding questionnaire, I ask that this is completed in as much detail as possible, this is so I am able to provide a transparent proposal which will be sent to you for consideration, For clients who are really sure they want to book, I also offer a "Save the date facility" your wedding date can be held for a fee of £100, and this gives you piece of mind that your date is secure! popular spring and summer dates can get booked up as much as 2 years in advance, especially for those couples who are super organised.   Dependent on the size of a wedding, the maximum I may undertake is 2 on any 1 day!.  Having found myself in this situation more than once! (I still don't learn!!) there is nothing more disappointing finding someone who cuts your style, only to find they are unavailable for your day. 

ivory and grey wedding bouquet

Come and meet me!*subject to conditions

If you are happy with my proposal and would like to book and discuss further I will invite you to come along and meet me, Our meeting will usually last for an hour and I'll gather all the important information from you in order to finalize your quote and give you the opportunity to tweak if required and where necessary so its perfect for you and your day! Once you are happy and excited to go forward, a £100 booking fee is required to save your date ( if not already requested) and a further 40% of the net total fees will apply. 

Along the way support

I know that sometimes our ideas can change from what we first thought,  our guest numbers can go up as well as down, rest assured, at any point , if your numbers or ideas change, you are free to make amendments subject to availability, however, this can  affect your overall costings, and more details about this can be found in my FAQ's.   Amendments can be made up to 8 weeks before the wedding day,  unlike some businesses, we don't charge for drafting amendments received in writing via email whilst your booking remains in place, however if further meetings are required, we do charge £50 per meeting as I have very limited time available, I wish the days were longer, but unfortunately they are not, and it can get very busy with consultations as well as balancing the physical work undertaken both on site and out at the venues!

tall wedding centre piece

Dotting I's & crossing T's

At 7 to 8 weeks before the wedding, I will be in touch to go over your booking and ensure that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed! 

The day before the big day arrives, this is where my love and passion for my work really flows through, as being a perfectionist, I set to work creating your floral designs ensuring that every last detail is just right. Once created, the floral displays are carefully packed and delivered by myself and team to ensure that they arrive to you looking just as perfect and stunning as when they left the workshop!. Again being a perfectionist I will install the Arrangements and any props, tweak them and ensure they look perfect in their setting before I leave, AND the best part on the big day is you don't have to do anything "unless you want too"

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